How to Cloth Diaper for (Almost) Free

Photo of mom holding a baby wearing a blue bumGenius cloth diaper.

Below is a question I received from a person with a business background who attended one of my cloth diapering classes.

Dear Jenn,

Why do you talk about tshirt diapers during your Cloth Diaper 101 class? You aren’t selling diapers when you teach people how to cloth diaper for free.


A Business Person

My response:

Dear Business Person,

When our first baby was born, my husband and I were choosing between diapers and food. Someone gave me my first set of cloth diapers. Before long, we were able to buy our own diapers. We started a business. Then we began creating cloth diapers. Today, I run a cloth diaper company.  I believe every baby deserves to have a fully-diapered bottom whether that solution is free, inexpensive, hybrid, deluxe, or disposable. Not every solution is right for every family, but every baby needs diapers. .

In our hands, we have the power to affect small changes in someone else’s life. Some decisions aren’t about economic impact. Some decisions are about doing the right thing – for a family and for the planet. In this case, intentionally teaching the t-shirt diaper or giving a family cloth diapers could help some families to buy groceries or pay a utility bill.

I remember what it felt like to walk away from the meat department because we needed other things. I remember checking out with WIC at Walmart. I remember stretching that little pile of food to make it work. Cloth diapers helped our family to overcome hunger.

Cloth diapers empower families. 

It works out. 



Here are two ways to make a t-shirt diaper.

How to make a T-Shirt Diaper (No Sewing Required)
How to Make A T-Shirt Diaper (Requires A Sewing Machine)

Once you have the diapers made, all you need is some one-size diaper covers… and you’re all set!  This link goes to the Elemental Joy One-Size Diaper Cover, one of our least expensive diaper covers. It is in stock in most colors and can usually ship right away.

Good luck on your new cloth diapering journey. Leave a note in the comments if you have questions.


Jenn is the Founder and CEO of Cotton Babies. She holds an Executive MBA from Washington University. She was awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Emerging Category for the Central Midwest Region in 2011. Among many other awards, she recently received a 2017 YWCA Leader of Distinction Award for Entrepreneurship. Jenn holds many patents on various inventions in a number of different countries and is listed as one of 50 Missourians You Should Know. She is particularly fascinated by languages, chickens, and children (she has four) when she’s not reading economics journals. Jenn offers mentorship to product developers at any stage in the journey from idea to shelf.