Cloth Diaper Data: What Do We Know About Poverty & Accessibility?

“Cloth diapers are typically not an option for the poor who often lack working washers and dryers.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch Today’s post is focused on the data we now have about cloth diaper feasibility and washing when a family is living on an income below the poverty line. As awareness grows around diaper need, […]

How to Cloth Diaper for (Almost) Free

Photo of mom holding a baby wearing a blue bumGenius cloth diaper.

Below is a question I received from a person with a business background who attended one of my cloth diapering classes. Dear Jenn, Why do you talk about tshirt diapers during your Cloth Diaper 101 class? You aren’t selling diapers when you teach people how to cloth diaper for free. Sincerely, A Business Person My […]

The Hoodie Test

I was raised in a family that didn’t have a ton of money. We made ends meet, but I was never the girl who had the expensive coats or the nice shoes. It took me years to understand that the girls in third grade who were in the popular cliques had clothes from the expensive […]

Platform Strategy for Brands

Dad Holding Baby Wearing Blue bumGenius Diaper Over His Head

When people attend classes I’ve taught about strategy or economics, the questions often focus around how brands should approach an innovation and platform strategy. Those questions recently came up again in a different format, so I took notes and decided to start putting some of the most frequently asked questions on my blog.

Memorable Kindness

Thoughts on memorable kindness.

It was twenty years ago. Jimmy and I weren’t married yet. We were looking for a church that we could call home together.  We’d seen a commercial, and decided to find that church. One Friday night, forty-five minutes late, Jimmy and I walked in the door and this particular usher just happened to be the one standing there.