Thank you for your interest in contacting me. The contact information listed on this page is to be used specifically for requests related to booking speaking engagements, networking, seeking mentorship, or hiring me to do consulting work.  To be sure that your request is routed properly, I’ve broken things down into several categories.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (424) 274-7727

Booking / Speaking:

  • To book me for your upcoming event,  please send me an email with all relevant details about your event.  Please include the title of the event, the theme of your event, the names of any other presenters who will be speaking at your event, and an estimated audience size.  A speaking fee and reasonable travel expenses are part of my contract.

Reprints / Excerpts:

  • You have my written permission to quote less than 200 words on your website or in your publication as long as the quote is properly cited.
  • To request permission to reprint one of my articles in your publication, please email me. If the matter is urgent, you may call my office at (424) 274-7727.

High Res Photo:

Brief Bio:

My name is Jennifer Labit. I’m the Founder of Cotton Babies. I hold an Executive MBA from Washington University. I’ve won a few awards. I have 26 patents in 7 countries for various diaper technologies, but, much to my family’s chagrin, my cooking skills are lacking although I do enjoy making occasional attempts at burning something new. I love writing, teaching, languages, chickens, and my children when I’m not reading economic journals.

Everything Else:

  • Do you need advice on your business idea or product concept? I’d be happy to help. Click here to get on my calendar.
  • For anything not addressed above, please feel free to email me or call my office at (424) 274-7727.

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