Over the years, I have been authoring unique blog and social media content through various platforms. My audience has developed over the last ten years and grown to over 90,000 users, most of whom are women and business leaders. I have taught about a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, platform economics, corporate social responsibility, big data analytics, and strategy in university and corporate settings.

I’m a believer in hope.  I teach through experience based story telling.  Attendees at my events leave with a heart full of stories and a head full of concepts that will spark new hope for their future.

“Does your audience need to hear from an entrepreneur who has achieved massive success and yet presents with authenticity? Jennifer’s skills as a storyteller and teacher create a personal bond for every participant, helping them find their own truth in her experience. When I had the pleasure of learning from Jennifer at an exclusive, high caliber conference, every attendee left talking about her presentation and how it would inform their own work starting that very day.” Deborah Gilboa MD

While I always carefully consider every invitation, the realities of my schedule mean that I can only accept a limited number of requests.

“While the entire event was fantastic, the highlight for me was hearing from Jennifer Labit, founder of the global brand Cotton Babies and mother of four.  She imparted to the group a series of business truths, gleaned from years of building an incredibly successful business from a $100 investment, all while balancing work and family.  Her presentation was refreshing – both insightful and inspiring. – Amy Lupold Bair

To request to have me speak at your event, please send an email with with details about the event. Include dates, location, other speakers scheduled, approximate expected attendance, and a link to information available online about the event.

A speaking reel is available upon request.